personal training

Whether you are an elite athlete training for competition or simply someone who wants to look and feel better, our certified personal trainers can design a specific program to meet your individual needs and goals. Age 11 and up (ages 11-16 must have completed their youth fitness appointment prior to registration).  We now offer personal training to not just our YMCA members but to the community as well, let us help you set and reach your fitness goals.

Cost: Each session equals 1 hour of training, and can be broken into 45 or 30 minutes.

Individual Training                Members           Program Participants

4 Sessions                               $116                    $162

8 Sessions                               $200                    $280

12 Sessions                             $276                    $386

Group Training (2-4 people with similar needs/interests/goals)

4 Sessions                               $124                    $174

8 Sessions                               $216                    $302

12 Sessions                             $300                    $420


Youth Fitness Programs

This program is for youth ages 11-15 years old and is free to all members, and is mandatory for youth before using both the weight room and cardio room.  Youth ages 11-12 will take the orientation and then be allowed to work out in the cardio and weight room facilities with an adult.  Youth 13-15 will take the orientation and then be allowed to work out in the cardio and weight room facilities by themselves. Please schedule this free service with the Membership Service Desk, call or stop in for times and days of availability.