BODYPUMP with Les Mills: This will be replacing our current Muscle Pump on the schedule come October 8. This is a free class that is included in the membership or non- member punch card for land aerobics. T and TH 8:30-9:30 am, 12:15-12:45 pm and W 5:30-6:30 pm

Who is Les Mills?
Every Olympic athlete aims high and wants to be the best in their field. Our founder is a four-time Olympian who always sets big goals. Les Mills Sr. started his first gym in Auckland, New Zealand in 1968. Now, nearly four decades on, LES MILLS™ workouts are loved by millions and available in clubs and gyms all across the planet. After witnessing the aerobics phenomenon in the United States, Phillip Mills and wife Jackie, began developing high-energy aerobics and strength classes. Fitness is literally in our blood. Les Mills Sr. was not the only family member to represent his country in sport. His wife Colleen, daughter Donna and his son Phillip (now our CEO) all wore the silver fern as national athletes of New Zealand.
Phillip joined the business full-time in 1980 and immediately began to create innovative ways to motivate people. Not afraid to take risks, Phillip and his mates from the entertainment business were the first to create group workouts driven by the beat of modern music. Those early aerobic programs drew queues down the street and Phillip could sense the real power of group fitness.
In 1990 we changed the game by adding barbells to the studio with the original PUMP class. Massively popular in Australia and New Zealand, we knew it was a winning formula. In 1997, it was renamed BODYPUMP™ and our crew of road warriors took it to the world. Les Mills International was born.

BODYPUMP what is it? BODYPUMP is the original barbell class for absolutely everyone. Instructors will show you all the move and techniques to make your first class safe, fun and give you strength for everyday life.
The Rep Effect- a scientifically proven Les Mills formula- is the secret to achieving your fitness goals by using light to moderate weights, with lots of repetitions. BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout that burns calories, shapes and tones without building bulky muscle.
The encouragement, motivation, and great music in every BODYPUMP class will achieve the results you want and deserve!

Benefits of BODYPUMP: functional strength for everyday life, improve bone health, improve your core strength
Just getting started? You can easily adjust a BOBYPUMP workout to any fitness level. Start with light weights or even just the bar, build up from four tracks to a full class

What do you need to bring? Comfortable workout clothes, water bottle, towel and a smile, we provide everything else.

video links:

Les Mills Demo Video #1

Les Mills Demo Video #2

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